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Marvel Noir [complete]
11.06.2013, 23:22

   Marvel Noir is a 2009-2010 Marvel Comics alternative continuity combining elements of film noir and pulp fiction with the Marvel Universe. The central premise of the mini-series replaces super powers with driven, noir-flavored characterization.
   Marvel Noir first appeared as six limited series, X-Men Noir by writer Fred Van Lente and artist Dennis Calero, Spider-Man Noirby writers David Hine and Fabrice Sapolsky and artist Carmine Di Giandomenico and Daredevil Noir by writer Alexander Irvine and artist Tomm Coker, Luke Cage Noir by writers Mike Benson and Adam Glass and artist Shawn Martinbrough,[6] Punisher Noirby writer Frank Tieri art by Paul Azaceta, and Wolverine Noir written by Stuart Moore and art by C. P. Smith.Several more mini-series were added in 2010.


   It's one of the first lessons you learn in poker, and you usually learn it the hard way: Play poker with a liar, and you can lose your money, your house and even your heart. And in a town where justice is a game, blind Matt Murdock is about to learn that lesson all too well. Welcome to the cycle of violence, Daredevil. It was here before you were born into this dirty city, and it'll be here after you're six feet under. And in the Great Depression - which has Manhattan and Hell's Kitchen in its grip - you've got your part to play in it. And that part means going through the Kingpin! Collecting DAREDEVIL NOIR #1-4.

   Deadpool Pulp is a four-issue limited series similar to the Marvel Noir fictional universe from writers Mike Benson and Adam Glass and artist Laurence Campbell. It follows Wade Wilson set in the 1950s as the CIA's top agent codenamed: Deadpool. 

   Investigating the disappearance of his father Howard Stark, Tony Stark completes his father's work on a high-tech suit of armor and the required power source while investigating the mysterious "Baron Zemo" only to be shocked to learn that Zemo is actually his father and that he was brainwashed by a unique chemical formula that left him loyal to the Nazis and willing to complete his work for them. Despite facing an army equipped with similar armors to his own, Tony manages to destroy the Nazi army.

   A lot can change in ten years. And rarely for the better. Local legend, Luke Cage, invincible, unstoppable, unflappable, finds that out the hard way when he returns to the mean streets of Prohibition-era Harlem after a ten-year stretch in Riker’s Island. All he wants is to be back in the loving arms of his woman, but certain powerful men have different plans for Cage. Willis Stryker, Cage’s childhood friend turned Godfather of Harlem, wants him on his crew, and under his thumb. And wealthy white socialite Randall Banticoff, whose wife is now very dead, murdered in a Harlem alley, wants Cage to investigate her death. Cage is about to learn that coming home is never easy, and to survive he might just have to kill a whole lot of people.

   It’s the Roaring Twenties and mobster Dutch Schultz's iron-fisted reign is about to meet its greatest challenge. But will the greatest threat to his criminal empire come from Thomas Dewey and the government? Will it come from fellow mobsters like Lucky Luciano or Al Capone? No, it'll come in the form of a man sporting a familiar skull symbol and a gun in his hand. Because once the Punisher hits the scene, the mean streets are about to get a whole lot meaner.

   It was 1933, four long years after Wall Street crashed and took the rest of the world with it, and the Great Depression was just getting started. And so was the Goblin. A master at turning hopelessness into a commodity, the corrupt mob boss led a colorful gang of circus sideshow freaks - including the cannibalistic Vulture - in a corrupt stranglehold on the city. Peter Parker came of age during this time of struggle and hardship. Raised by his Uncle Ben and Aunt May, two stemwinding Socialists committed to positive change for the people, Peter would have been a boyish beacon of optimism in any other era. But in this world of noir, he was an embittered, angry young man on the search for justice. And then along came a spider. After a fated meeting with a mystical arachnid and its life-changing bite, he may have just inherited the force to honor the phrase, 'If those in power can't be trusted, it's the responsibility of the people to remove them.' Collecting SPIDER-MAN NOIR #1-4.

   Peter Parker has a lot to be hopeful about. The Spider-Man is the beloved town hero; President Franklin D. Roosevelt is in the White House; the spiraling economy is on its first steps toward recovery; and with Norman Osborn out of the picture, organized crime in New York has lost its major player. But all is not well in 1934 America…dark forces are at play in the world, and a power vacuum in New York crime is quickly – and violently – being filled! Now Spider-Man must contend with a vicious new breed of killers, criminals, and maniacal death-dealers, reimagined from some of the greatest and deadliest foes of the Spider-Man!

   Spinning from the pages of X MEN NOIR: MARK OF CAIN… "In the fourth century, Saint Jerome said that the face was the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart. I wear a false face, true. One that is hideous and deformed, to hide my true nature. Or perhaps it is the mask that is real, and the face…a DEMON.”

   The Story: The Bowery, 1937. Jim Logan, the fiercest knife expert in New York, runs a seedy detective agency called "LOGAN & LOGAN"...along with his useless, halfwit brother, Dog. They're the best they are at what they do. But when a swanky dame named Mariko Yashida struts into the office, she opens up a world of hurt for Logan, forcing him to revisit his painful, bloody past. The latest in the Marvel Noir series, WOLVERINE NOIR reunites the acclaimed WOLVERINE team of Stuart Moore (IRON MAN) and C.P. Smith (The Programme).

   "The coroner's men flipped the redheaded corpse over so Dukes and Magnus from Homicide could get a better look at her. 'Better' being a relative term in this case, with the claw marks that slashed her face into a featureless, bloody mask and turned her guts into a butcher shop explosion. "But the tattoo -- the simple, encircled 'X' above the left shoulder blade -- remained intact, and Dukes pointed it out with the toe of his wingtip once Peter the rookie was done heaving up lunch. "'See this ink?' he said. 'Means she did time at this reform school upstate, run by this shrink, Xavier...'"

   "In the dark and steamy jungles of Madripoor, the flashing claws of Logan, the blazing bullets of Cyclops, and the dashing fists of the Angel met with wave after wave of beserk headhunters, all willing to protect the secrets of the Temple-Tomb of Cyttorak with their lives! The ancient treasure map of mercenary Cain Marko, with its siren-song of the priceless gigantic ruby of the fabled god-king, had lured them only into the icy claws of Death!"

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